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Grow in your faith. Grow in your sport. Discover your purpose. 

Go to Puerto Rico. 

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Dates: May 16 - 25, 2023

Location: Puerto Rico, San German and San Juan

Cost: $2,195*
*includes airfare, transportation, food and lodging

Deadline to Register: March 10

10-Day Life-Changing Adventure

Extreme Challenge Puerto Rico is designed to equip you and help you learn what it looks like to glorify God through your sport. Come together with 50+ US and Puerto Rican athletes, from all different sports to learn how to take your relationship with God and your performance as an athlete to the next level! You don't want to miss this experiecne. 

The First Half

You will learn how to blend faith and sport together on the field of competition with training through the five Biblical Principles of faith and sport. Then you get the chance to actually implement these principles and put them to the test each day though a series of exercises and competitions, called labs. The, comes the ultimate test, a 20-hour sports marathon, known as The S.P.E.C.I.A.L., where you will get a chance to compete as a team and cap off a week of high intensity by challenging yourself and others to put in practice what you've been learning all week in the ultimate test.  

The Second Half

During the second half of the project, after you've poured it all out on the field, you will get the chance to pour into others. We will embark on a time to help serve and assist the local Puerto Rican community through a variety of missional opportunities where you get the chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus and meet peoples needs.  As a result of ECPR you will be equipped to become a "spiritual team captain" when you return to your campus. You will learn how to study your Bible more effectively, engage in spiritual conversations, share Christ with others, and help others grow in their walk with God. 

The cost of ECPR covers airfare, transportation, food, housing, materials, and all other costs associated with Extreme Challenge. To sign up, you will pay the registration fee. The remaining balance is due when you arrive. However, each of you will be assigned a coach and have the opportunity to raise the funds to cover the cost of this experience. 


Internship: For an even greater leadership development experience, consider applying to serve as an intern for ECPR. You will be leading small groups throughout the 10 days. We will have a total of 4 internship positions available for US athletes and 4 available for Puerto Rican athletes. 

 Register here to apply for an internship. NOTE: You must have attended AIA's UTC or ECPR and completed a SPECIAL, or another AIA summer opportunity to be considered for an internship. Interns are required to arrive two days earlier.

Grow in your sport.
Grow in your faith.
Discover your purpose.
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For more information email one of the Extreme Challenge Directors -

Keila DeJesus Rodriguez (ECPR Director/Puerto Rican Contact)

Jon McWhorter (US director)

Nick Land (US co-director)

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