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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Purpose of Extreme Challenge Puerto Rico (ECPR): 

    • Learn how to apply gospel principles to sport alongside Puerto Rican athletes. During ECPR you will immerse yourself in another culture, learn new ways of engaging, meet new people and experience new opportunities. The Lord said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” This will be a great opportunity to go outside of the US and learn how ministry can be done in another culture.

    • To be equipped as a spiritual captain when you come back to your campus

    • To be equipped in evangelism (training, practice), catch vision for what God is doing in PR and consider where God is calling you in His Kingdom.

    • Help start and accelerate the ministry of Athletes in Action in Puerto Rico. God has been doing amazing things in Puerto Rico,  raising up athletes for His glory, and changing countless lives.  You can play a part in helping continue to launch  movements throughout Puerto Rico! God has specifically used ECPR to raise up 5 Puerto Rican national staff members, and is continuing to work in others. It's such a blessing to invest in where God is moving, so come experience that!

    • ECPR will be an immersive experience where we will be doing life alongside the Puerto Rican AIA Staff and athletes, linking arms together to grow in our faith, in our sport, and to discover our true purpose. Doing so can make an eternal impact in all of Puerto Rico as people are raised up for His Kingdom and go out and multiply, both in Puerto Rico, and the United States. What a great opportunity to help them become total athletes by sharing Christ with them!

  • Locations: San German, Puerto Rico and San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Where we will stay: Inter-American University Of Puerto Rico - San German

                                      AirBNBs in San Juan​ (address to be provided to later)

  • Dates: May 16 - May 25

  • What we’re doing (tentative schedule)

    • May 16 - Arrive in San Juan

    • May 17 - Travel to San German, Community Time

    • May 18 - UTC Principles 1 & 2, Ministry Training

    • May 19 - UTC Principles 3 & 4, Ministry Training

    • May 20 - UTC Principle 5, SPECIAL

    • May 21 - SPECIAL, celebrate

    • May 22 - The Extreme Challenge + Community Service, Bioluminescent Experience

    • May 23 - Outreach Event, Debrief Time, Travel to San Juan

    • May 24 - Outreach + Training

    • May 25 - Fly Home

  • Cost: $2,195 (includes airfare)

  • What’s covered in the cost? Airfare, transportation, food, lodging, materials, other costs associated with ECPR

  • Will I need extra spending money? Yes, if you want to bring money for touristy stuff/other things.

  • Support raising

    • AIA staff will be assigned to each athlete to help coach them in raising support

  • Do I need a passport? No, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US, meaning it you do not need a Passport. ​​

  • Do I need to speak Spanish? No, a lot of Puerto Rico is bilingual, so it's not a requirement. 

  • Will I have a way to be contacted by family? Yes, cell reception works just the same. 

  • Do I need shots? No

  • Application deadline:  March 10 

  • Where are we flying out of? The US Director (Jon McWhorter) will work with each student to book flights individually, closest to either your school or hometown, once you have raised suffiecient funds to cover the cost of the flight.

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